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HaewaJHP is a complete Music Management based on christianity. Since 2007, it has been not only caring the Artist, but also producing CDs, organizing concerts and Consulting culture Events just mention a few.
아티스트의 예술을 최상의 컨디션으로 세상에 선보이는 통로의 역활을 감당하고 있습니다. 이는 단순한 메니지먼트의 역활을 넘어 선한 영향력을 위한 역활 분담과 미래지향적인 전략, 추진을 바탕으로 2007년부터 매년 다양한 도전과 미션을 성실히 이행해 왔습니다.​.

Opera Without Words -

607 2019.01.17 22:34





Over 90 musicians will take the Cape Symphony stage for Opera Without Words. Before movies, opera was the grand stage where stories were told. With its mythic battle between the forces of good and evil, an inspiration for modern heroic sagas likeStar WarsandThe Lord of the Rings,Wagner’s epic cycleThe Ringrequires an enormous orchestra to support the larger-than-life music.

Another dramatic tale, Bizet’sCarmenshocked audiences by telling a gritty tale of passion and jealousy. In Waxman’s “Carmen Fantasie,” the violin is Carmen, and international star Ji-Hae Park embodies her fiery virtuosity. The overture from Rossini’s comic farceThe Silken Ladderprovides levity amidst the drama. The orchestra is the diva in this extraordinary event!


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